Uses of Stones in Civil Engineering Construction

Stones are used in the following civil engineering constructions:

  • Stone masonry is used for the construction of foundations, walls, columns and arches.
  • Stones are used for flooring.
  • Stone slabs are used as damp proof courses, lintels and even as roofing materials.
  • Stones with good appearance are used for the face works of buildings. Polished marbles and granite are commonly used for face works.
  • Stones are used for paving of roads, footpaths and open spaces round the buildings.
  • Stones are also used in the constructions of piers and abutments of bridges, dams and retaining walls.
  • Crushed stones with graved are used to provide base course for roads. When mixed with tar they form finishing coat.

Crushed stones are used in the following works also:

  • As a basic inert material in concrete.
  • For making artificial stones and building blocks.
  • As railway ballast.


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  1. Stone is popular in masonry construction. It uses to build a fireplace, outdoor kitchen, stairs, chimney, wall, and many more. So, I’m not surprised why stones are part of our culture in building structures.

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