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Classification of Rivet Joint

The rivets are generally classified as follows: Hot driven rivets: The rivets which are driven in the hot conditions. Shop rivets: The rivets which are placed in the workshop. Field …


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The calculation for Required Bags of Cement for Plastering Work

First, Calculate The Dry Volume Of Mortar. The required mortar volume for our plasterwork is 4 cubic feet (We calculated this above). But that is the wet volume of mortar. …

Differences Between Plinth Beam and Tie-Beam

Plinth Beam Vs Ground Beam


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Structural Engineering Aspects

Definition In structural engineering, the engineers mainly focus only on the structural aspects of a building or any man-made structures. Education Structural engineering is later on a course that is …

How to calculate FSI for building


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Main reasons to test the quality of concrete

Causes of Honeycomb In Concrete

Concrete Staining Procedure