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Simple, Compound and Complex Trusses

Simple Truss : In a triangle, when two bars are one joint are progressively added to form a truss, the truss is called a Simple Truss.   Compound Truss : …

Properties of Structural Steel

Why a Civil Engineer is required

Classification of bolted connections

Types of Lap Splice


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Steps involved in finding the cutting length of stirrups

Look at the size of the column or beam from the drawings. Adopt Dia of the bar (generally 8mm Dia is used for stirrups). Deduct the concrete cover or clear …

Types of Columns reinforcement

Different Ways of Constructing Cupboard


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Structural Engineering Aspects

Definition In structural engineering, the engineers mainly focus only on the structural aspects of a building or any man-made structures. Education Structural engineering is later on a course that is …

How to calculate FSI for building


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Main reasons to test the quality of concrete

Causes of Honeycomb In Concrete

Concrete Staining Procedure