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Difference Between Foundation and Footing

Footing: The footing is a formation which is in contact with the ground. Footing can be analogized with the feet of the leg. The footing is a type of shallow …


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Tips for Placement of Reinforcements in Concrete Members

The site engineer should examine clearance at stirrups and column ties that protrude beyond other reinforcement. A clear cover between the top of the slab and the top of reinforcements …

Box Culvert

Work Procedure for RCC Slab Casting


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Important rules while preparing Bar Bending Schedule

The bars used in building should be grouped together for each structural unit and listed separately for each floor. Bars are listed in numerical order. To identify the bar in …

How to calculate FSI for building

Selection of pile foundation


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Vibrating Concrete and Methods

Bulk Density of Aggregates

Why we provide Concrete Cover