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Download Civil Engineering (Indian Standards) IS Code Books

Use below link to download all Civil Engineering IS Code books. Also you need to know downloading procedure which is in below download link. First go through the download procedure …

Commonly used Types of Scaffolding at Site

Spacing of Reinforcement for Slabs

Why is Micro Concrete Used

Purpose of Binding Wires


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Spacing of Reinforcement for Slabs

The maximum spacing between two parallel main reinforcing bars shall be 3d or 300mm or whichever is less, and The maximum spacing between two secondary parallel bars shall be 5d …

Purpose of Binding Wires

Defects in Plastering


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Requirements of Structural Detailing

Simple for fabrication and placing The crack width must be within acceptable limits under service conditions. There should not be any free path for the propagation of the cracks without …

Classification of Loads

Types of Structural Members


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What is Workability of Concrete

Main Purpose of Lean Concrete

Advantages of Rapid Hardening Cement