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Characteristics of Contours

i) All points on a contour line are of the same elevation. ii) No two contour lines can meet or cross each other except in the rare case of an …

Important standards used in Bends & Hooks

Most Impressive Civil Engineering Projects

Reinforcing Bars

Plinth Work


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Important standards used in Bends & Hooks

The below standards are most important in calculating the hook length and bend lengths at corners while finding cutting length of stirrups. 1 Hook length = 9d or 75mm 45° …

Plinth Work

De-Shuttering Period of Different RCC Members


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What Do Structural Engineers Do

Structural engineers use knowledge of applied mathematics and mechanics as well as materials science to determine how structures will cope under their own weight and any imposed loads. This requires …

Development Length

Slenderness Ratio


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Different Types of Concrete Mixes

Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Pre-Stressed Concrete