Types of the Arch

The Arch means brick or stone blocks are made of circular shapes on the door or window or opening. So that the blocks are able to withstand the pressure of the upper load. Therefore, the circular frame made specifically by brick or stone blocks is called Arch. It is placed on both sides support of the opening. The work of the Arch is to carry its own weight and other upper body weight on both side support.

Types of arched shapes:

  • Segment Arch.
  • Semi-Circular Arch.
  • Horse-shoe Arch.
  • Pointed Arch.
  • Venetian Arch.
  • Florentine Arch.
  • Relieving Arch.
  • Stilted Arch.
  • Inverted Arch.
  • Semi-Elliptical Arch.
  • Flat Arch.
  • Dutch or French Arch.


  • A powerful abutment is available.
  • It can be used in a larger span.
  • Where the weight is higher than it can be used.
  • The structure is used for special beauty.

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