Tips for Earthquake Resistant Building Design

  • The building plan should be in a regular shape such as square or rectangular.
  • No wall in a room should exceed 6.0m in length. Use pilasters or cross walls for longer walls. In hilly terrain, it should not exceed 3.5m in length.
  • The height of each storey should be kept below 3.2m.
  • Don’t use bricks of crushing strength less than 35kg/cm2 for single storeyed building and of 50kg/cm2 for 2-3 storeyed building. Only solid and sound bricks/ concrete blocks should be used.
  • Provide a R.C.C band of 4 inch thickness throughout the run along wall at lintel level passing over doors and windows.
  • The thickness of load bearing wall should be at least 200mm.
  • The clear width between a door and nearest window should not be less than 600mm.
  • Location of a door or window from edge of a wall shall be 600mm minimum.


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