Standard Size of Rooms in Residential Building

Drawing or Living Room

Drawing room should be located in the middle of the building and should be connected to the front verandah and dining place. It should be well-lighted and ventilated.

Standard size of drawing room: 4200mm (14ft) x 4800 mm (16ft) to 5400mm (18ft) x 7200mm (24ft)


Bedrooms should be so located that they are well ventilated and at the same time provide privacy. Generally, they should be located on the sides of the building so that at least one wall is exposed for good ventilation and lighting.

Standard size of bedrooms: 3000mm (10ft) x 3600mm (12ft) to 4200mm (14ft) x 4800mm (16ft)

Guest Room

Guest room should be well lighted and ventilated. It should be located on one side of the building, generally by the side of the drawing room.

Standard size of guest room: 3000mm (10ft) x 3600mm (12ft)

Verandah The best location for verandah is south and west. If the frontage of the building is east then they are located in east also.

Verandah have width: 1800mm (6ft) to 3000mm (10ft)

Office Room

Office rooms should be on one side of front verandah, disconnected from other rooms. Sometimes an office room serves the purpose of guest room and vice versa.

Standard size of office room: 3000mm (10ft) x 3600mm (12ft)

Dining Room

Dining room should be provided in rear of the drawing or living room and near the kitchen.

Size of bedrooms may range from: 3600mm (12ft) x 4200mm (14ft) to 4200mm (14ft) x 4800mm (16ft)


Kitchen should be provided in rear corner of the building but NE corner is the best.

Standard size of kitchen rooms: 2500mm (8ft) x 3900mm (13ft) to 3000mm (10ft) x 3600mm (12ft)

Store Room

Store rooms should be located near the kitchen and should have sufficient number of racks.

Standard size of store room: 2500mm (8ft) x 2500mm (8ft) to 3000mm (10ft) x 3000mm (10ft)


Pantry is a small room adjacent to dining room for keeping cooked food.

Size of pantry may range from: 2500mm (8ft) x 3000mm (10ft)

Bathroom and WC

Now-a-days it has become common practice to provide attached bathroom and water closets with each bedroom. This is preferable only when good drainage and water supply is available.

Common sizes of bathroom and water closet:

Bath and WC (combined): 1800mm x 1800mm to 1800mm x 2500mm

Bathroom (separate): 1200mm x 1800mm

WC (separate): 1200mm x 1200mm


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