Site Marking for Construction

Checked the layout received from the government department and the land layout as per the drawing or not.

Measured the length from the existing or already constructed building and verified it. Also check the length from the road side or open land stone and confirm it as per the given layout and drawing.

Then located our building exact layout and cross checked the measurement two times.

Then based on the approved drawing, we provided 5feet on each side of the building for open space as per the authorities.

Constructed temporary brick masonry on each outside corner of the layout and marked the centre line of the building. This is the final marking and all the measurement is taken from this final mark.

Before marking firstly we need to check the layout is inclined, square or rectangular. Even if it’s inclined, the building wall should make straight and right angle only. But the compound wall can inclined any direction.

After the base mark on each side of the layout we need to do line marking by room measurement with thread. After that we can do the excavation.

Precautions while marking layout on ground

  • Correct measurement of distances by steel tape.
  • Correct fixing of plot boundaries with the help of location sketches.
  • Use of level dumpy level.
  • Correct marking of face line or center line.
  • Checking of distances from at least two independent measurements.
  • Diagonal checks for individuals room positions as well as complete bldg.
  • Use of correct plumb bob for transferring points on ground.
  • Precise measurements must be taken.


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