Self-curing Concrete

S.C.C is the one which can cure itself by retaining its moisture content. A concrete can be made to self-cure either by adding curing admixtures or by the application of curing compounds.

S.C.C by adding admixtures

Various admixtures used are concure WB, conplast NC, conplast C N and conplast S D 110 etc… Rheocure is the curing admixture used in U K for plane concreting. The admixtures used for curing concrete certain chloride which will lead to corrosion of reinforcement. Hence it use is restricted only within plain concrete.

S.C.C by adding curing compounds

Curing compounds available are wax based and resinbased. The curing compound applied on concrete acts as protective layer and seals the moisture content within the concrete. The curing compounds available are CONCURE WB, CONCURE LP 90 etc…

Methods of self-curing concrete

  • External self-curing of concrete
  • Internal self-curing of concrete


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