Safety Measures in Construction Site

The Contractor shall be responsible for safety of all workmen and other persons entering the Works and shall at his own expense; where not stated otherwise take all measures, subject to the Engineer’s approval, necessary to ensure their safety. Such measures shall include but not be limited to:

  • Provision of safety and emergency regulations for fire, gas, and electric shock prevention, together with rescue operation plan.
  • Safe control of flowing water.
  • Provision and maintenance of suitable lighting to provide adequate illumination at place of work with appropriate spares and standby unit.
  • Provision and maintenance of safe, sound slings, pulleys, ropes and other lifting devices.
  • Provision of safe access to any part of the works.
  • Provision of notices in local dialect temporarily or permanently during construction at locations likely to be used by the public. Placement of such notices shall depend on the existence of the nature of work in the vicinity. These notices shall be in addition to any other statutory requirements demanded of the Contractor.


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