Reinforcement Cement Concrete

  • Plain cement concrete has very low tensile strength. To improve the tensile strength of concrete, some sort of reinforcement is needed which can take up the tensile stress developed in the structure.
  • The most common type of reinforcement is in the form of steel bars which are quite strong in tension.
  • The reinforcing steel is placed in the forms and fresh concrete is poured around it.
  • This solidified composite mass is called as reinforced cement concrete and is abbreviated as R.C.C.
  • Thus, Reinforced Cement Concrete is a composite material which is made up of concrete and steel reinforcement.
  • The steel reinforcement generally in the form of steel bars, are placed in the tensile zone of the structure and take up the tensile stresses.
  • R.C.C is a versatile construction material which is strong in compression as well as tension.
  • The use of reinforcement in concrete not only increase its strength but also helps in preventing temperature and shrinkage stresses.

The composite action of steel and concrete in a reinforced concrete section is dependent on the following important factors:

  1. The bond between steel and concrete.
  2. Prevention of Corrosion of steel bars embedded in the concrete.
  3. Practically equal thermal expansion of both concrete and steel.


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