Reinforcement Bending Equipments

Electric Automatic Rebar Benders

Electric automatic rebar benders bending equipment is ideal for contractors, manufacturers and the builders who can perform the bending of bars with ease, gaining accuracy.

This system is used both on site and in the shop by the manufacturers. The machines run quietly and work only when the bending has to be made. This would help in avoiding unnecessary wear within the machine.

The figure shows an electric automatic rebar bending machine. The system provides us with rollers and collars that would facilitate the use of wide range of bar diameters.

Compared to manual bending techniques, the fatigue and injury problems with the workers are reduced. To ensure safety, flush mounted start and stop buttons are provided.

The maximum capacity of these machines is up to 32mm. The diameter of bending and bending angle varies with a different model of the machine.

Spiral Hoop Radial Benders

Spiral Hoop Radial Benders are machines that are designed for the spiral bending of reinforcement bars that have large diameters. They have two driving rolls, of which one is adjustable to help in holding different diameter bars.


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