How to Find Sump or Tank Capacity

  • To find out your sump capacity first you need to have length, width and depth of your sump/tank in feet.
  • Multiply length, width and depth of your sump to find out cubic area of your tank/sump.
  • 1 feet cube area (1′ length * 1′ width * 1′ height) will store upto 28ltrs of water.
  • So multiply your sump cubic area with 28 and you will get your sump/tank water storage capacity in liters.
  • Above formula will work only if your tank shape is in rectangle or square.
  • If at all there are different shapes then find out total area in cubic feet and multiply with 28 which will result number of liters.
  • Water pressure will be more on the edges of the tank. So avoid constructing sump/tank corners with 90 degrees like room walls.
  • When you are constructing sump, have edges in a curved shape. So that water pressure will be diverted to a larger area. This will have some significant effect in the long run.
  • While constructing sump, Manson will use iron mesh during plastering to avoid cracks.
  • Sump and tank plastering should be completed at one stretch to avoid cracks.
  • Do not use low quality brick for sumps and tanks.
  • Keep sump door always towards street side. So that tankers can pour water easily.
  • Keep 3″ pipe connection to the sump from outside. So that water tankers can directly pour water from outside.


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