Factors Affecting Construction Cost

Factors affecting construction cost estimating are

  1. Similar Construction Projects.
  2. Construction Material Costs.
  3. Labor Wage Rates.
  4. Construction Site Conditions.
  5. Inflation Factor.
  6. Project Schedule.
  7. Quality of Plans & Specifications.
  8. Reputation of Engineer.
  9. Regulatory Requirements.
  10. Insurance Requirements.
  11. Size and Type of Construction Project.
  12. Location of Construction.
  13. Engineering Review.
  14. Contingency.

Site Factors Affecting Construction Cost are

  1. Bad weather condition.
  2. Difficulty in accessing the construction site.
  3. Remote construction site.
  4. Short contract period.
  5. Off-site disposal requirements.
  6. Traffic problems.
  7. Quarry or borrow pit permit requirements.
  8. Excavation adjacent to high level of groundwater.
  9. Limitation on how the construction site can be developed.
  10. Limits on working hours.
  11. Restriction on the level of noise in residential neighborhood.


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