Different Types of Concrete

Concrete can be classified into various categories depending on its density and strength recommended by IS: 456-2000.

Types of concrete based on density

  1. Normal-weight concrete – 24kN/m3
  2. Lightweight concrete – 18kN/m3
  3. Heavyweight concrete – 32kN/m3

Normal-weight concrete

  • The aggregates used in making concrete contribute mainly to its density.
  • It is produced using natural sand and crushed stone (granite).

Lightweight concrete

  • For lightweight concrete, either lightweight aggregates, such as pumice, or pyro-processed and bloated aggregates are used.
  • These concrete are used for applications in which the load of gravity is to be reduced; e.g., for reducing the load on foundations.

Heavyweight concrete

  • It is produced using high-density aggregates such as hematite or scrap steel pieces.
  • These concrete are used for radiation shielding or increasing the weight of a structure for stability purposes.


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