Different Methods of Surveying

Control Survey:

Made to establish the horizontal and vertical positions of arbitrary points.

Boundary Survey:

Made to determine the length and direction of land lines and to establish the position of these lines on the ground.

Topographic Survey:

Made to gather data to produce a topographic map showing the configuration of the terrain and the location of natural and man-made objects.

Hydrographic Survey:

The survey of bodies of water made for the purpose of navigation, water supply, or sub-aqueous construction.

Mining Survey:

Made to control, locate and map underground and surface works related to mining operations.

Construction Survey:

Made to lay out, locate and monitor public and private engineering works.

Route Survey:

Refers to those control, topographic, and construction surveys necessary for the location and construction of highways, railroads, canals, transmission lines, and pipelines.

Photogrammetric Survey:

Made to utilize the principles of aerial photogrammetry, in which measurements made on photographs are used to determine the positions of photographed objects.

Astronomical survey:

Generally involve imaging or “mapping” of regions of the sky using telescopes.


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