Classification of bolted connections

The classifications of bolted connections are made based on resultant force transferred, type of force and force mechanism.


Based on resultant force transferred:

Concentric connections: When a load of structural member passes through the CG of the section then this type of connection are made.

Eccentric connections: Whenever the resultant force is acting away from the CG of the connections.

Moment resisting connections: Whenever the connections are subjected to moments.


Based on the type of force:

The connections are classified as shear connections when the transfer of load occurred through shear. Example: lap joint, butt joint

Tension connection: Whenever the transfer of load occurs through tension on the bolts.

Combined tension shear connections: whenever the bracket connection is used to connect the inclined member to the column of the structure.


Based on force mechanism:

  • Bearing type connections: To transfer the force bolts bear against the hole
  • Friction type connections: Due to the bolts’ tension, the force is transferred through friction between the plates.

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