Advantages and Disadvantages of Monolithic Dome

Advantages of Monolithic Dome
Economy in construction
  • Cost of a dome is less.
  • Streamlined construction process and use of only four ingredients contribute to the domes economy.
  • Require less maintenance.
  • Ability to survive tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.
  • Provides fire protection.
Aesthetics and comfort
  • Any structure appears bare and unattractive when it’s first built.
  • But just as enhancement can soften and beautify straight lines and corners.
Disadvantages of Monolithic Dome
  • Only specially trained construction crews.
  • Using the modern techniques.
  • Wasted space in narrow corners.
  • Lack of seams.
  • Different appearance of the domes decreases the appeal for their use as private residences and the strange appearance and design may run afoul of neighborhood building covenants.
  • Depending on the situation a large variety of variations available from the standard circular shape can avoid some of these problems.
  • Building permits may be difficult to obtain if local officials are not familiar with the monolithic dome.
  • Resale of a monolithic dome home may be difficult because of its unconventional appearance.


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