Advantages and Disadvantages of Load Bearing Masonry Construction

Advantages of Load Bearing Masonry Construction:

  • The final load bearing masonry structure constructed is highly durable and solid.
  • This structure type possesses high fire resistance.
  • The masonry units are available in different colors and textures, which provides freedom of creativity to the user.
  • Advance preparations or fabrication is not required for this type of construction.
  • Load bearing masonry structures are aesthetically attractive.
  • The tools and equipment used for masonry construction are simple and cheap.

Disadvantages of Load Bearing Masonry Construction:

  • Load bearing masonry structure performs badly during the action of earthquakes. If looked through the history of past earthquake disasters, most of the structures collapsed are load bearing masonry buildings. As the weight of the load bearing structure is high, it highly attracts earthquakes.
  • Load bearing masonry construction employs more labor. As this involves stacking of masonry units one over the other, it demands more human labor.
  • Load bearing masonry construction is slow. As mentioned above, it is a human process which takes too much time to complete compared to other construction technique.
  • Load bearing structures consume a large number of masonry units. Hence this construction is labour intensive. More the material required, more is the consumption of green resources for their production.
  • Costs for the total masonry units used for the construction of these structures make it unviable.
  • The weight of the load bearing masonry structure is high.
  • The thermal insulation properties of these structures are very poor.


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  1. I was informed by my second cousin a few days ago that she’s considering building a small storage unit next to her house. It was such a relief upon finding out that a regular load bearing masonry showcases fireproof characteristics, allowing our structure to be even stronger. I’ll share this detail with her so she can request a proper construction procedure in the end.

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