When Shoring is Used Construction

It is the process of temporarily supporting a building, vessel, structure, or trench with shores (props) when in danger of collapse or during repairs or alterations. It may be vertical, angled, or horizontal.

Shoring is used in the following situations:

  1. The stability of a structure is endangered due to removal of a defective portion of the structure.
  2. The stability of a structure is endangered due to unequal settlement during construction itself or in long run. E.g.: When a wall cracks due to unequal settlement of foundation and cracked wall needs repairing.
  3. Certain alterations are to be done in present structure itself. E.g.: remodeling of walls, changing position of windows, when a wall shows sign of bulging out due to bad workman ship. Etc.
  4. Alterations are carried out in adjacent building for remodeling, strengthening of foundation, etc.
  5. It is used when an adjacent structure is to be dismantled.
  6. When a tunnel is being constructed, we use shoring to make sure that the opening of the tunnel is supported and protected from accidental collapse.

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