Ways to Get Desired Development Length of Bar

The Code IS456:2000 recommends the check for development length by following equation:

[(M1 / V) + l0  ] >  Ld

If the check is not satisfied than following measure may be adopted for satisfying the check:

  1. By reducing the diameter of the main steel to have lesser value of Ld, but keeping the area of steel at the section unchanged.
  2. By increasing the value of l0 by providing extra length of the bar over the bend.
  3. By reducing the number of bend of bars.

Checking for development length is essential at the following sections:

  • At simple supports.
  • At cantilever supports.
  • At points of contraflexure.
  • At points of bar cut off.
  • In beams of very short spans.
  • For stirrups and transverse ties.


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