Vibrating Concrete and Methods

A Concrete vibrator is a tool or a machine that vibrates the concrete to expel the water and air traps in it.

Vibration helps in minimizing the internal friction by randomizing the concrete mixture. Vibration rearranges the cement and aggregate particles in concrete; this helps concrete in achieving the close configuration.

Close configuration expels the water voids and air pockets in the mixture and results in a dense and compact mass of concrete.

Concrete Vibration Methods:

Compaction of concrete or Vibration of concrete can be performed in five different methods they are


Vibrating the concrete internally by inserting an internal vibrator into concrete mass.

Vibrating the concrete while fixing the shuttering using Shutter formwork vibrators

By Vibrating the entire mass of concrete using a vibrating table

Vibrating the concrete externally on the surface using surface vibrators

Vibrating the concrete using rebar shakers. 

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