Vastu for a Living Room

The Vastu for Living Room has a set of basic rules which when followed can let you and your family have a problem free-living in the Living Room. Firstly, it is very important to know that the living room should always face the East or the North direction. However, it is all the more a hit, if your living room is located facing the North. Talking of this North faced the room, it should be kept in mind that the room has to be bigger in size than the remaining rooms of your house facing other directions but it should be a bit short in its height as well.

The first question that might trigger your mind is what this Vastu is. Well, at the very start you must be acquainted with it. Living Room Vastu Shastra believed to be an age-old principle or rather doctrine you might say, that governs rules about the traditional outlook on how the natural laws affect one’s everyday life. The drawings, patterns and designs based on alignments with the directions, namely, North, South, East and West. It’s been applied over the ages on Hindu architecture and also in other fields like vehicles, furniture, sculpture, paintings, so on and so forth. Very likely, there is Vastu for the living room as well.

Living Room Vastu placement

Vastu for living room also recommends that not just that it should face the North or the East but should also have the slope of its flooring towards the North or the East as well. Talking of the doors to it, the eastern and the western doors are considered very holy for your living room. The interior decorative items, especially the heavy materials like the showcase and all, should be placed in the West or the South direction.

Added to all this Vastu for living room also states that the place for the seating of the head of the family should be in the North or the East. The television set should never be placed in the North-east or the South-west. It should always be facing the South-east. The telephone set should be placed either in the North or the East or the South-East direction. It is also advisable that the statues or portraits of Gods and goddesses should be placed in the North-east corner. If any staff of animal hide or skin is there on the walls, it should be hung on the North-west walls.

Colors on Wall as per Vastu

Vastu for the living room declares a very crucial point about the color of the walls. As far as possible, avoid using red or black for the walls. Paint it with colors like blue, yellow, white or green. Place the fanciful chandelier slightly towards the West side of the room and it shouldn’t be placed at the center. Furniture’s should be as much as possible square or rectangle in shape and not circular, oval, hexagonal or shaped like an egg.

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