Uses of Caisson Foundation

Bridge piers are constructed with caissons because they are almost always submerged in water.

A caisson is constructed in connection with excavation for the foundation of piers and abutments in rivers and lakes, bridges, breakwater dock structures for shore protection, lamp houses, etc.

Additionally, it is used for pump houses that are subjected to tremendous vertical and horizontal forces.

It is sometimes used for buildings that are large and multi-story.

As well as railway bridges, garbage pits, water supply and sewage facilities, pneumatic caissons are used in a variety of applications.

Caissons can serve as impervious core walls on earth dams when they are situated adjacent to one another.

Caisson provides an access to the deep shaft or a tunnel.

Caisson provides an enclosure below water level for installing machinery, pumps, etc.

In addition to hydraulic elevators, caissons have been used to install single-stage rams below ground level.

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