Types of Plaster in Building Construction

Some common types of plaster are

Cement plaster

Clay plaster

Gypsum plaster

Lime plaster

1. Cement Plaster

It is the common type of plaster we normally use in building construction. The main ingredients of cement plaster are cement and sand. It can be used in both interior and exterior surfaces.

2. Clay Plaster

When clay or mud is used to make the plastering mortar that is called clay plaster. It is also called mud plaster.

The main ingredients of clay plaster are Mud and Sand.

3. Gypsum Plaster

Gypsum plaster can be a good alternative to cement plaster.

Gypsum is used as binding material in gypsum plaster. It is normally found in the ready-mix bag in the market.

4. Lime Plaster

When lime is used as a binding material for preparing plastering mortar that is called lime plaster.

Lime plaster is prepared by mixing hydrated lime, sand, and water.

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