Types of Foundation and When it’s Provided

Types of foundations are

  1. Isolated footings
  2. Combined footings
  3. Continuous footings
  4. Strap footings
  5. Raft foundation
  6. Pile foundations
  7. Well foundations

The use of these foundation is made in the following conditions:

Types of foundation
When Provided
1 Isolated footings Single Columns
2 Combined footings Two or more columns
3 Continuous footings Walls (brick or R.C.C. walls)
4 Strap footings Distant (far-away) columns especially when one of them is near the edge of the property or plot.
5 Raft foundation When soil has low bearing capacity and area of combined / isolated is more than 50% of the building plan
6 Pile foundations When loads are heavy, soil has poor bearing capacity
7 Well foundations For bridges, river etc.


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