Types of Concrete Pumps

Based on the pumping pressure, ease of working and developing technologies different concrete pumps have been developed. The main classification of concrete pumps are:

  • Line Concrete Pumps
  • Boom Concrete Pumps
  1. Boom Concrete Pumps

Boom concrete pumps stay at one particular position for the entire time of concrete pouring on a construction project. Hence these are stationary concrete pumps. They have a larger dimension which is placed on the ground. These have crane or boom arm attached to it in different lengths.

The concrete pumping to different heights like in the construction of high-rise building can be performed by boom concrete pumps. Boom concrete pumps allow the pipeline to reach along, upwards and below. Hence tight spots can be cast by these pumps. Obstacles during the concrete casting path can be easily overcome by such pumps.

  1. Line Concrete Pumps

Line concrete pumps are compact units that are mainly used for small construction projects. The arrangement has a line pump attached to the back of the truck or the trailer. Hence the arrangement is also called as trailer mounted concrete pump or truck mounted concrete pump.


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  1. As you mentioned, with the boom concrete pumps, one can reach the tight, high spaces. We are looking to have some concrete work done on the second floor balcony. I wonder if the construction company is going to use this type of concrete pump.

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