Types of Columns and Beams

Types of Columns

Columns can be classified based on their Shape, Slenderness ratio, type of loading and Pattern of lateral reinforcement.

Classification based on Slenderness ratio:

  • Long Column or Slender [The length is greater than the critical buckling length and it fails by buckling.]
  • Short Column [The length is less than the critical buckling length and it fails by shearing.]
  • Intermediate Column

Based On Shape

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Circular
  • Polygon

Based On the Type of Loading

  • Axially loaded column
  • Axial load and un-axial bending column
  • Axial load and biaxial bending column

Based On the Pattern of Lateral Reinforcement

  • Tied columns
  • Spiral columns

There Are Several Types of Beams

  • Simply supported Beam
  • Fixed Beam
  • Cantilever Beam
  • Continuous Beam
  • Overhanging Beam

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