Types of Building

Two types of buildings are

  1. Based upon occupancy
  2. Based on structure
Based upon occupancy
  • Residential building
  • Educational building
  • Institutional building
  • Assembly building
  • Business building
  • Mercantile building
  • Industrial building
  • Storage building
Based on structure
Load bearing structure
  • It has load bearing walls which receive the loads and transmit the same to the ground though their foundation.
  • 20, 30, 40cm thick walls are load bearing walls.
  • R.C.C slab is provided directly on load bearing walls.
Framed structure
  • In the buildings with framed structure, load is transferred through a frame of R.C.C slab, beam & column.
  • In this type of structures, there are partition walls of 10 cm thick, which divide and enclose the space.
  • Construction time is less.


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