Types of Masonry Foundations

Masonry foundation may be constructed from concrete block or brick masonry units. The concrete block masonry foundation is commonly used as it is cost effective and its unattractive appearance would not be visible.

The masonry foundation should be able to adequately support weight of the structure and lateral loads imposed by soil adjacent to foundations. It should be sufficiently durable to withstand aggressions from soil and ground water.

Masonry foundation is either constructed from masonry units only (plain masonry foundation) or reinforced with steel bars to increase ultimate load carrying capacity. Different types of masonry foundations, their construction and uses are discussed.

Types of Masonry Foundations, Their Construction and Uses

Following are the different types of masonry foundations used in building construction:

  • Masonry strip foundation
  • Masonry spread (isolated) footing
  • Stepped masonry footing
  • Masonry inverted arch foundation


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