Types of Doors Used in Building Construction

Types of doors used in building construction are

  1. Hinged
  2. Swing
  3. Revolving
  4. Sliding
  5. Folding
  6. Cantilever
  7. Roller shutter

Hinged Doors

  • Most commonly found type.
  • All close against a rebate on the door jamb.
  • Four commonly found types
    • Flush
    • Panelled
    • Ledged
    • Metal

Swing Doors

  • Pin hinges allow door to swing in any direction.
  • Door jamb not fitted with a rebate.
  • Often partially glazed using wired glass or copper glazing bars.
  • Found in restaurants, department stores and hotels.

Revolving Doors

  • Present an obstruction to firefighting operations unless dealt.
  • Usually 4 or 2 ‘wings’.
  • Designed to be collapsed down.
  • Essential they are used in conjunction with a hinged door.

Sliding Doors

  • Solid or lattice construction.
  • Widely used in commercial buildings.
  • Can slide on one or both sides of an opening or into a central recess.
  • Lattice type usually for security or to protect an area such as a lift or lift shaft.

Folding Doors

  • Usually lightweight construction.
  • Similar in design to hinged doors.
  • Two or more leaves hinged together.
  • Whole door opens to one side only.
  • Often used to separate two rooms.

Cantilever Doors

  • Door is counter balanced and pivoted so it rises upwards.
  • Lies horizontal when open.
  • Generally fits flush to the opening when closed.
  • Usually found on garages.
  • Nearly always made of steel

Roller shutters

  • Small examples can be raised by hand.
  • Large examples usually operated by means of gearing and handle or chain and block.
  • Usually found on commercial premises.

Fire Doors

  • A standard fire door will:
  • Serve to contain the outbreak of fire.
  • Restrict the spread of fire gases into otherwise unaffected parts of the building.
  • A closed door restricts oxygen movement, thus helping to starve the fire.


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  1. It sure got me when you said that the sliding door is usually used in commercial buildings that they provide more security and protection. I wonder how this happens. But anyway, I will suggest this to my mom since we will have a shop built soon. Since she wants to prioritize safety and, of course, save some space, I think this is the best option.

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