Tips of Vastu Shastra for Building Construction

As per vastu experts, maximum benefits to the flat owners can be achieved keeping in mind the following principles of “Vastu”.

The site should be a square or a rectangle. If possible southwest corner should have 90 degree.

The main door should be on north, east or northeast side of the plot. 2 gates are preferable, one on east and other in the north. In addition to this northeast, southwest or northwest blocks are also good.

Ground level should slope towards northeast and levels in southwest should be higher than all other sides.

A bore well should be provided in north east before the construction takes place.

More space should be provided in the east and north compared to west and south of the complex.

Balcony towards north, east and northeast are preferable.

Kitchen is advisable in south east or northwest but never in northeast.

Staircase should be provided in the south, west or southwest and should be avoided in northeast because head room of the staircase higher than southwest is not acceptable.

Underground room or space (cellar) should be kept under the northeastern or eastern portion of the complex.

Parking for cars, scooter and bicycles are preferred in northeast cellar.

Open area in north and south should be used for lawns and sumps.

AC equipment should be kept in southeast of the complex and should never be installed in northeast under any circumstances.

Washbasins should be provided in north or east or northeast of the hall.


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