Tips for a Civil Site Engineers

Some important tips for civil site engineers are

  1. Other languages are very important for communicate with labours and colleagues. So civil engineers try to learn some other languages.
  2. While communicating with your colleagues in work place be clear and crispier. This is very important for all civil engineers.
  3. You must know about basic civil engineering concepts and make yourself clear and strong knowledge about materials, design codes, and Analysis.
  4. Building drawing understanding is very important for a civil site engineers. Collect various building drawings and try to understand that drawings details.
  5. Always keep a diary and relevant document with you. Example: Drawings, Daily attendance and work plan details.
  6. Improve your speed in understanding plan drawings and other details.
  7. Communicate with labours friendly and explain the building plan drawing details clearly.
  8. Wear safety shoes and helmet while you are working or visiting a construction site.
  9. Maintain proper dress code and punctuality.


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