Suitability of Steel As Reinforcing Material

Many traditional materials such as bamboo and natural fibres have been tried as reinforcement in earlier times. But steel is found to be the most appropriate form of reinforcement.

It is the most suitable reinforcing material in R.C.C. because of following reasons

  1. Steel is very strong in compression, tension, shear and torsion.
  2. Concrete develops very good bond with steel.
  3. Steel is ductile in behaviour. More ductility means more elongation of steel before failure. This results in sufficient warning time before failure.
  4. The steel bars can be cut, bent, lifted and welded easily with commonly available tools and machines.
  5. Steel has longer life.
  6. Steel is easily available.

Steel reinforcement has various advantages as listed above, which make it a suitable reinforcing material. However, steel has a few disadvantages which are listed below.

  1. The biggest disadvantage of steel reinforcement is rusting. If concrete is porous or if cover to the reinforcement is not sufficient, steel gets rusted and loses strength.
  2. Steel loses its strength at high temperatures.


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