Structural Engineering Aspects


In structural engineering, the engineers mainly focus only on the structural aspects of a building or any man-made structures.


Structural engineering is later on a course that is taken up by civil engineers. In the field of civil engineering, masters and Ph.D. level course is offered. But you will definitely not find it as first-degree bachelors’ course in university.

Type of work

Structural engineers also do some work in designing and planning. But their main job is to look after the strength of the structure of a particular thing. They analyze how different structure will support a particular aspect. Furthermore, they also do the job of inspection of materials that will be used during the construction of a particular structure.


Structural engineers do all the jobs listed by staying along the side of civil engineers and they mainly focus on structural elements such as column, beams, girders, beam-column connection, shear wall, truss, rafter or support systems. They ensure that the thing that is being designed and constructed is strong, stable and consistent.

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