Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete or SFRC is produced by mixing a little amount of steel fibers in the elements of concrete. Steel fibers are regularly prepared by cutting 10-60mm lengths of low-carbon steel wires diameter of 0.25-0.75mm.

Other than round fibers, flat steel fibers are moreover normal in use. Flat sheet steel fibers are prepared by cutting 0.15-0.40mm thick plates in widths extending from 0.25-0.90mm, furthermore lengths of 10-60mm.

Steel fibers tend to cluster together which creates difficulties in ensuring their uniform random distribution in the concrete. This problem is overcome by using fiber bundles.

The steel fiber in the fiber bundles separates out at the time of concrete mixing and gets distributed randomly in the concrete mix.

By adding 2 – 3%  fibers (by volume) it is possible to achieve a two to three times increase in the flexural strength of the concrete and furthermore increase in crack resistance, explosion resistance, and different properties of the concrete.


SFRC is suitably used in the construction of pavements, bridge decks, pressure vessels, tunnel lining, etc.

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