Specifications for Brick masonry in Cement Mortar

Specifications for brick masonry in cement mortar are

  1. The bricks shall not absorb the water more than one sixth of the weight of the brick.
  2. The bricks should be free from flaws, cracks and lumps of any kind.
  3. The bricks shall be of first class, regular in shape, size and colour.
  4. The brickwork shall be kept wet for at least 10 days.
  5. The bricks laid truly horizontal in course with frogs upwards.
  6. Bricks before laying shall be thoroughly soaked in water.
  7. The brickwork shall be raised 1m in height at a strength all-round the building.
  8. Shall have minimum crushing strength 10.5N/mm2.
  9. The sand used shall be medium coarse, clean, sharp, free from clay, mica and other organic matter.
  10. The cement used shall satisfy the requirement of Bureau of Indian Standard.
  11. The mortar is designated in specified proportion of cement and sand. The materials are weighed or measured and mixed on watertight platform after allowing bulkage of sand.
  12. Only fresh mortar within half hour for cement mortar, the time of adding water shall be used.
  13. During rains, no brickwork is carried out when special arrangements are made.


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