Selection of pile foundation

  1. For poor bearing soils such as Soft clay, Medium Clay or any clay etc. under reamed pile foundation with pile cap and grade beam or Bored cast insitu Pile foundation with pile cap may be adopted.
  2. For clay soil with G+2F, G+3F, slit+3floors loads, under reamed piles with pile caps connected with grade beams is best suited.

If the hard strata available is at 10m depth, End bearing / Bored cast insitu piles with pile caps may be adopted. This type of foundation is best suited for multi storied building also.

  1. If the load on foundation is 500KN (say G+2Floor load), Under reamed pile foundation for a depth of 3.5m to 4.50m with pile caps shall be adopted. If the load on foundation is in the range of 2000KN to 3000KN, Bored cast in-situ concrete piles with 6.0m to 20.0m depth with pile caps shall be adopted.

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