Selection of Formwork System Contractor Wants to Consider Such Things

In selecting the formwork system, the contractor wants to consider such things as:

  • Safety.
  • Available labor skills.
  • Availability and type of form material and handling equipment needed.
  • If custom forms are to be used, whether rental or purchase is preferable.
  • Size of modular units (typically, it’s best to use the largest size possible with the lightest weight).
  • Number of concrete placements and likely amount of reuse of forms.
  • Comparison of hand-setting of forms with gang forming.
  • Number of pieces of hardware and miscellaneous items to handle.
  • Finish specified for the concrete (which affects selection of ties, form lumber, and form liners).
  • Deflection permissible, if specified by the engineer.
  • Length of time that forms and shoring must remain in place (cycle time).
  • How reshoring is to be handled.
  • Form removal.
  • Weight of the concrete.
  • Carpenter-laborer ratio.
  • Cost and Overall project schedule and quantity of materials required to maintain schedule.


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