Rooms and their Positions as per Vastu

Vastu is a voluminous and scattered ancient Indian literature dealing with knowledge of architecture, iconography and art relating to structures and buildings. Vastu means proper place to live in it should be habitable. Life require basic elements ie. Air, fire (light), water, earth and space. The house in which he lives should provide the benefit of these elements. This means he is well connected to the environment and ecology.

Rooms to be Constructed
East Bathroom
South East Kitchen
South Bed Room
South West Room for Wepons
West Dining Room
North West Grain Store
North Treasury
North East Room for Worship
Between East and South East Room for Churning Curd
Between South and South East Room for Storage for Ghee etc
Between South and South West Latrine (W.C)
Between South West and West Study Room
Between West and North West Punishment Room for Expressing Sympathy or Sorrow
Between North and North West Bed Room for Young People
Between North and North East Medicine Room
Between East and North East Common / Drawing Room
Besides these, there are other opinions also:
In South West Corner Clothes Room (Wardrobe)
North West Corner Cattle Shed
North East Water Bodies Tank, Well etc.,
North West Toilet


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