Requirements of Structural Detailing

Simple for fabrication and placing

The crack width must be within acceptable limits under service conditions. There should not be any free path for the propagation of the cracks without being traversed by the reinforcement. This is achieved by limiting the max spacing of the reinforcement and min amount of reinforcement.

There Should Be Sufficient Space For Con To Be Properly Poured And Compacted. This Is Achieved By Limiting Min Spacing Bet The Bars.

The detailing should be such that the internal forces are safely transferred from one member to another, and from rein to concrete. Joints and discontinuities should be capable of withstanding the same forces as the adjoining sections. This is achieved by placing therein in the direction of the tensile force as far as possible.

The structural drawing should be complete and unambiguous. Bar bending should and necessary instructions to the site engineers must be clearly indicated on the drawing.

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