Requirements and Types of a Roof

It may be defined as the uppermost part of the building, provided as a structural covering, to protect the building from weather.

Structurally, a roof is constructed in the same way as an upper floor, though the shape of its upper surface may be different.

Roof consists of structural elements which support roof is roof covering.

The roof coverings may be A.C. sheets, G.I. sheets, wooden shingles, tiles, slab itself.

Requirements of a Roof:

It should be durable against the adverse effects of various agencies such as wind, rain, sun etc.

It should grant the desirable insulation against sound and heat.

It should be structurally stable and sound, it should be capable of taking the loads likely to come over it.

It should be well-drained.

It should have efficient water-proofing arrangement.

Types of Roof:

  • Pitched or Sloping Roofs
  • Flat Roofs or terraced Roofs
  • Curved Roof

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  1. It’s good that you highlighted how roofs should be durable against weather changes and provide us with desirable insulation against sound and heat. I need a new roof for my house soon since the heavy rain last week made the leaks on the ceiling worse, and I was thinking it was time for a change as well because of its old age. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for licensed roofers to hire for the new installation soon.

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