Remedies of Honeycomb in Concrete

  • Sufficient cover blocks should be provided.
  • Use a mix with appropriate workability for the situation inwhich it is to be placed.
  • Proper cover block thickness should be maintained forparticular concrete structures.(Eg:- walls, columns, staircases – 25mm, slabs-40mm, beams- 50mm & pile caps- 75mm) .
  • Ensure the mix has sufficient fines to fill the voidsbetween the coarse aggregate.
  • Use proper methods of placing concrete.
  • Ensure the reinforcement layout and the section shape willpermit the concrete to flow around the reinforcement and completely fill theforms.
  • Rebar congestion can be minimized by having larger (that is,lesser) rebar or by increasing the sectional dimensions of elements wherepossible.
  • Use proper methods of compacting and ensure concrete isfully compacted. To prevent concrete from honey comb, Vibrator should run inconcrete in proper manner during filling of concrete. The vibrator should runwith specific time. The duration of running vibrator should not exceed morethan 30 seconds, otherwise it will start separating water from concrete, whichwill let the concrete to lose its workability and strength.
  • Insert vertically Vibrate by layers Vibrate the whole depthof layer Insert at intervals. In some cases even after running the vibratorhoney comb will appear and in such cases add the admixture to cement mortar andpaste it in voids and concrete will regain its strength.

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