Purpose and Importance of BOQ

Purpose of BOQ

  • For standardizing the tendering process.
  • For providing a clear and precise method to value the project.
  • For enabling consultants to analyze prices of various individual items and overall costs.
  • For assisting quantity surveyor in verifying that individual contractors have submitted genuine tenders compliant with tender information.

Importance of BOQ

BOQ shall be used in every phase (pre-contract & post-contract) of the project but the need for BOQ differs based on different contract agreements & projects. The major usages are listed below.

  • It provides a basic idea of the project by giving the quantities to tenderers.
  • It defines the extent of the work. (But it should be identified in line with drawings & specifications as well).
  • It gives an estimated or anticipated contract sum. (very important to client)
  • It provides a basis for the valuation of variation. (Variation is to be discussed in detail).

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