Property Survey

A Property Survey is a type of survey which depicts or notes the position of boundaries with respect to:

Locations of all boundary monumentation found or set.

Apparent improvements and features, including as a minimum: dwellings, barns, garages, sheds, driveways, roadways, surface utilities, visible bodies of water and swimming pools.

Record easements and visible evidence of the use thereof.

Record and apparent means of ingress and egress.

Lines of occupation, including as a minimum: fences, walls, hedges and yards.

Deed restrictions pertaining to the location of buildings or other apparent improvements.

Unresolved conflicts with record deed descriptions and maps.

All apparent boundary encroachments.

Monumentation required to be set at all corners created by a deflection angle of not less than 70 degrees between two consecutive courses and at intervals not to exceed 600 feet (180 meters) along the boundaries between said corners, except where natural or man-made monumentation defines or occupies the line. Refer to Section 20-300b-14 of these regulations for a description of acceptable monuments. Except when intended for use for Subdivision or Resubdivision applications, this requirement may be waived only through written agreement between surveyor and client and with a notation on the map that all monumentation found or set has been depicted.

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