Properties of Cement Mortar

The following are the important properties of cement mortar

  • When water is added to the dry mixture of cement and sand, hydration of cement starts and it binds sand particles and also the surrounding surfaces of masonry and concrete.
  • A mix richer than 1:3 is prone to shrinkage.
  • Well proportioned mortar provides impervious surface.
  • Leaner mix is not capable of closing the voids in sand and hence the plastered surface is porous.
  • The strength of mortar depends upon the proportion of cement and sand. Strengths obtained with various proportion of cement and sand.
Uses of Cement Mortar

Mortar is used

  1. To bind masonry units like stone, bricks, cement blocks.
  2. To plaster slab and walls make them impervious.
  3. To give neat finishing to walls and concrete works.
  4. For pointing masonry joints.
  5. For preparing building blocks.
  6. As a filler material in ferro cement works.
  7. To fill joints and cracks in walls.
  8. as a filler material in stone masonry.


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