Points to consider before buying a Site or Vacant land

Are you planning to buy a site or vacant land for construction purpose or investment purpose? Then below are the points which you need to consider before selecting or choosing a site. Below points will help you as a check list, please review from your perspective and make a good decision.

Road Width:

Verify how much is the road width is there before your site. The more is better. Now new projects are coming up with 30 to 35 feet of roads. In 30 feet width rain drains also will occupy some space after that you will end up having around 25 feet.

Road Access:

Verify if you have proper access for the site or not. Most of the sites will have only one road access. If you have one then verify if that access road is comfortable or not. Few sites will have multiple number of alternate routes which is better.

Site Shape:

Check whether the site is in proper shape or not. If it is in proper shape then while constructing a building space will not be wasted. Otherwise, you may end up to loose some space . It is advisable to take rectangle or square shaped sites rather than taking odd dimension sites.  Remember odd dimension sites will come for a lesser price than the normal sites. If you have a square or rectangle shape dimension site then it will be easy for construction too.


Verify if the site is vasthu compliant if you are particular about Vasthu. check any street which is there opposite to your site. This is called “veedhi potu” in the Telugu language.

Purpose of buying a site:

Before searching for a site for buying, identify your purpose whether it is for a residential purpose or commercial purpose. This is a very important aspect.  If your purpose is residential house then don’t choose your site near to crowded areas and if your purpose is commercial then choose near main roads

If it is a dead end road then it will be good for residential purpose and also for children. There will not be any traffic.

Background verification:

Before buying enquire with Neighbors about the site and ask for any issues. Look for any court cases/OS numbers near site. If there is a dispute then people might have written OS case numbers on site compounds

Ask multiple brokers about area prices:

If you are searching for a site in a new locality then you may need to ask the site prices with multiple people so that you will not go ahead with only one option. Usually While enquiring there will be more price, but the actual price will be less.

Water availability:

As we all know water is one of the crucial resources to maintain the house. Otherwise, it will be difficult to maintain the house. preferably take the sites in the areas where the government will supply water. Identify in how many feet water is available in the underground so that you can dig a bore well. If you want to dig bore-well then you need to follow the local area regulations.

Drainage links are available or not:

In case if you have selected a site for purchase look for the drains both for rainwater and sewage lines. In few of the layouts, all the rainwater will go and stop at the layout end. From there another layout might have started but there will NOT be any link between both of the layouts drainage systems. In this kind of situations, you need to be extra careful while buying sites.

Look for Electricity and sewage connections also.

Take actual measurement:

Before committing for a site, inspect the site for actual measurement. Few of the sites will have differences between sale-deed measurement and actual measurement. If actual measurement is less then you can pay for less. 

Site facing:

Site facing plays a vital role in purchasing. Usually Corner sites will have more price than the normal ones. For corner sites one has to have to pay  more registration charges also to the government. Usually corner sites are better because of ventilation. After corner sites next preference will be there for East, North, West and south road facing sites.  Based on the site facing price will differ. In case if you are buying a site for investment purpose then better to choose East and North facing sites so that resale can be done quickly

Check your area is there in greenbelt or BBMP/city limits:

If your site is there in BBMP limits then you will receive Kaveri water fast when compared to other areas. If your site is there in greenbelt then you may need to follow different procedure for registration. for more details check with your lower

Site Documents:

This is not a comprehensive list but you may need to depend on a lawyer to identify other documents are required.

Old years EC

Mother deed

property Tax

Katha Extract

High Tension Power Lines:

Look for any high-tension power lines are going on top of the site which you are planning to buy. If high tension wires are there means, there will be restrictions on the number of floors you construct.

Heard there will be few health issues also in case if you are close to the wires. Please do your research on this.

Commute felicities:

Identify nearby bus stops and metro stations. After identifying the distance gauge how this distance will affect you in case if you are travelling by public transport.  If public transport is not available then look for any other alternatives are available or not like Auto stand, Private cabs etc. Commute facility is available or not


Verify if there are Nearby parks for children’s, hospital’s in case if medical help is needed.

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