Plaster Debonding

If the plaster tries to separate from the substrate that is called plaster debonding. When debonding occurs, plaster is separated from the wall. Now, you can imagine what will happen if debonding occurs in plaster!

This is a serious problem. We need to take preventive actions to solve this defect of plaster. But before that, we need to know the causes of this defect.

Causes of Debonding

The following reasons are causes for plaster debonding:

  • Excessively thick plaster layer.
  • A dusty and oily substrate.
  • Dry substrate.
  • Inadequate substrate preparation.

How to Prevent Debonding of Plaster

To prevent debonding of plaster, we need to take care of the following things during plastering.

  • Remove dust from the substrate before plastering.
  • Prepare oily surface properly.
  • Allow substrate to reach correct moisture content.
  • Use cement slurry coat on the substrate before plastering.
  • If necessary you should use bonding chemical.

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