Parts of Residential Building Door


For framing the shutter, the horizontal and vertical member coordinates are the frames.


Shutter styles, panels and rail are made. The door-window frames are arranged with hinges or hinges, which are easily opened and prevented.


The minimum horizontal member of the window frame was called.


For doors and windows, built up phomkara the side jumbo said.


The door-window closure is called the outer vertical member style.

Top rail:

The highest horizontal member of the scales is called the top.

Lock rail:

A horizontal member in the middle of the pole is called the lock rail.

Bottom Rail:

The minimum horizontal member of the Scales is called the bottom rail.


The horizontal member above the frame is called the head.


The shutter surrounded by the surrounding rail and style is called a panel.

Hold Fast:

The size of the 30mm 6mm width of the English Z-shaped Flat Meld Steel Holder Hold Fast. Holds the fast frame with the wall. Its length is usually 20 cm.


The rectangle of the threshold is called the rebate.

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