Objects and Advantages of Providing Super elevation in Highway

Objects of Providing Super elevation:

  1. To counteract the effect of centrifugal force acting on the moving vehicle to pull out the same outward on a horizontal curve.
  2. To help a fast-moving vehicle to negotiate a curved path without overturning and skidding.
  3. To ensure safety to the fast-moving traffic.
  4. To prevent damaging effect on the road surface due to improper distribution of load.

Advantages of Super elevation:

  1. It allows running of vehicle at high speed on a curved path as on a straight path without any danger of overturning and thus results into increased volume of traffic.
  2. It provides more or less even distribution of load on wheels and hence uniform stress is offered on the foundation which results into less wear on wheel tyres and springs as well as economy in maintenance cost of the road.
  3. It also helps to keep the vehicles to their proper side on the pavement and thus prevents collision of vehicles moving in opposite directions on a curved portion of the road.
  4. It provides drainage of the whole width of road towards the inner side. Thus, there is no necessity of providing side drain on the outer side of the road.

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