Methods of Curing Concrete

The following curing methods are employed:

  1. Spraying of water
  2. Covering the surface with wet gunny bags, straw etc.
  3. Ponding
  4. Steam curing and
  5. Application of curing compounds.
Spraying of water:

Walls, columns, plastered surfaces are cured by sprinkling water.

Wet covering the surface:

Columns and other vertical surfaces may be cured by covering the surfaces with wet gunny bags or straw.


The horizontal surfaces like slab and floors are cured by stagnating the water to a height of 25 to 50mm by providing temporary small hunds with mortar.

Steam curing:

In the manufacture of pre-fabricated concrete units steam is passed over the units kept in closed chambers. It accelerates curing process, resulting into the reduction of curing period.

Application of curing compounds:

Compounds like calcium chloride may be applied on the curing surface. The compound shows affinity to the moisture and retains it on the surface. It keeps the concrete surface wet for a long time.


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