Advantage and Disadvantage of Masonry Structure

  • Strength
    • Strong in compression.
  • Heat Absorber
    • Resists temp. Fluctuation.
  • Maintenance free
    • Most of wall not require painting.
  • Fire resistant
    • Fire protection due to formation of non-combustible material.
  • Environmental-friendly
    • Leading contributor to green building that has low impact on nature.
  • Great sound proofing
    • Blocks out noise more efficiently than more traditional building material such as timber.
  • Economic
    • Use of locally available materials and availability of labor.
  • Moisture absorber
    • Absorbs moisture when raining.
  • Color deterioration
    • Extreme weather causes masonry to degrade, materials such as wall surface decolorize due to frost damage.
  • Strength
    • Masonry structure has low tensile strength.
  • Opening
    • Problem in large opening.
  • Education
    • Lack of education in masonry.
  • Needs heavy foundation
    • Due to heavy weight, large foundation is required. Also cracking and settlement may occur.


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