Advantage and Disadvantage of Masonry Structure

  • Strength
    • Strong in compression.
  • Heat Absorber
    • Resists temp. Fluctuation.
  • Maintenance free
    • Most of wall not require painting.
  • Fire resistant
    • Fire protection due to formation of non-combustible material.
  • Environmental-friendly
    • Leading contributor to green building that has low impact on nature.
  • Great sound proofing
    • Blocks out noise more efficiently than more traditional building material such as timber.
  • Economic
    • Use of locally available materials and availability of labor.
  • Moisture absorber
    • Absorbs moisture when raining.
  • Color deterioration
    • Extreme weather causes masonry to degrade, materials such as wall surface decolorize due to frost damage.
  • Strength
    • Masonry structure has low tensile strength.
  • Opening
    • Problem in large opening.
  • Education
    • Lack of education in masonry.
  • Needs heavy foundation
    • Due to heavy weight, large foundation is required. Also cracking and settlement may occur.


One Comment on “Advantage and Disadvantage of Masonry Structure”

  1. It sure was nice that you said that masonry structures are strong in compression and can block out noise more efficiently. My husband and I are actually interested in improving the overall aesthetic of our garden. Maybe, we can consider hiring a masonry contractor that can install brick retaining walls for us before a scheduled family event next weekend.

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